Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Names of God

Spirit of knowledge and understanding
True God of Israel
King of glory
Who searches our minds and hearts
Found in my appointed feasts
Shofar trumpet
Israel living star
The Passover
The Door
Weeps with those who weep
Manna from heaven
Beloved in song of psalms
Altar of peace for your fear
God of sacrifice
The cup of the Blood
The eternal sacrifice
The Yom Kippur offering
Open and read the scroll
Wine and the bread
Bread of life broken for you
God of your salvation
Come to me
The way the truth the life
God of justice
Righteous judge
King of kings
Unbreakable covenants with men
The Lord who heals you
God of promise
I am returning
Place your tears in my bottle in my book
Architect of the last days
The God who hears
Leads you to prophecy
I do not change
Speaks through dreams
The healing
Gives you vision
Coming quickly
Coming on a white horse
Waiting for you
The Shepard
Near to those with broken hearts
In the Father
Will keep you where ever you go
One spirit with me
The Spirit of counsel
The true shepherd
The shepherd
Candle lighting your path
Your peace and calm
Saving refuge
Light of genesis
Holy of holies
God of Knowledge
Formed the earth
Lord of the Dance
Guiding star of Jesus birth
Root of Jesse
Creator of Israel
Water into blood
Married to Israel
God the rewarder
Your reward
Giver and gifts
Prepare a place in heaven
Source of all true wealth
Prepares a table in the presence of your enemies
Fountain of gardens
Resurrection of heave
Just rewarder
Giver of abundant life
Sitting at the right
Sabbath rest
Fountain of life
Giver of great wisdom
Holy Spirit 
Mighty in battle
Spirit of might
Warrior and poet
Drives out the wicked
God almighty
Your mighty shield
Defender of Israel
Your fortress
The enemy of the enemies of Israel
God of eternity
Never change
First and last
Alpha and omega
Word of life
Not of this world
Sees beginning and end
Before the day was
The word
Rock of ages
Who I am
Inhabits eternity
God of every creature
Jealous over you
Exalted head over all
Light of the world
High and lifted up

Monday, February 17, 2014